Jamie Watson, Sheffield based software developer


I'm Jamie, a software developer based in Sheffield, England. I develop mainly in PHP using Laravel (with Vue/Tailwind for the frontend) but have experience in a range of other technologies such as GCP, Serverless and Node.

Book wall - JAMStack project

Here's another small project to get used to Gridsome, a static site generator for VueJS. I had been using the Goodreads app to track my reading but wanted something more visual to see the books I'm reading.

Columns - a PhaserJS project

I tried my hand at building a Columns clone using Phaser JS over the course of a few hours one weekend back in 2020.

Laravel gates for guest users

If you want to use Laravel's authorization gates in conjunction with a guest / non-authenticated user, make sure to set your user parameter as nullable. Simple enough, but easily forgetten.